Urology in Ayurveda (Bastivijnana)

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Urology in Ayurveda (Bastivijnana)

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Author V.B. Athavale
  • Book Author: V.B. Athavale
  • Edition: 1st ed.
  • Binding: Hardcover
  • Language: English, Sanskrit
  • ISBN -10: 8170842588
  • Publisher: Chaukhamba Sanskrit Pratishthan
  • Publishing year: 2004
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Urology in Ayurveda (Bastivijnana) by V.B. Athavale

The word basti includes both the kidneys likewise as urinary bladder. The suppression of an urge to pass urine is represented as a very important tract. The classification of Medical Diseases of kidneys by Ayurveda is strikingly similar i.e. Acute nephropathy (Pittaja excretory organ disease), nephrotic syndrome (Kaphaja excretory organ disease), Chronic nephropathy (Vataja kidney disease), uremia (Tridoshaja kidney disease). The contributing factors of Symptoms and Management of those diseases are represented well.

The causes and treatment of various forms of Mutrakruchchra (dysuria), i.e. problem in passing body waste and Mutraghata, i.e. numerous conditions just like the Atomic bladder, marital or urethral structure, Cancer of bladder neck that is related to the obstruction of the flow of urine are represented well and their treatment is given.

Infections of the tract are referred to as  Ushnavata and Putibasti in Ayurveda and their treatment is represented.

Ayurveda has represented : (1) Ashmari, i.e. urinary calculi, (2) Tuni and Pratituni, i.e. pain, (3) Mutrakruchchra, i.e. haematuria, (4) Bastividradhi, i.e. symptom of kidney, (5) Bastija arbuda, i.e. Tumors of urinary tract These conditions are represented well and their treatment is given.

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More Information about Urology in Ayurveda (Bastivijnana)

Book Author V.B. Athavale
Edition 1st ed.
Binding Hardcover
Language English, Sanskrit
ISBN -10 8170842588
Publisher Chaukhamba Sanskrit Pratishthan
Publishing year 2004

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