Nija Ananda Bhodham: The Mystery of Human Life (With CD Inside)

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Nija Ananda Bhodham: The Mystery of Human Life (With CD Inside)

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Author Amarakavi Ramachandra
  • Book Author: Amarakavi Ramachandra
  • Number of pages: 862
  • Publisher: Hayagreeva Publication
  • Publishing year: 2014
  • Binding: Softcover
  • ISBN -13: 9789380404103
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The Upanishad era is now back into life as Jnana Drishti over physical life and its cosmic cycles on earth. This wonder book has timely emerged as an outcome of my deep quest in Yoga Drishti latent with Mahapurushas in ancient India. This solves the riddle around the recent Soviet discovery about a “Cosmic Double” around human life and all its phenomenon with nature. This book holds its thesis as I ploughed on its dimensions for over a decade outliving Ether life and enlisting with the spiritual frame of supra mental. Few could be counted today over its inroad with dream or Thuriya, the abode of Swaroopa of human being. The Secret of Tapas, my second book in this series is advanced version of this book in quality and spirit. Let the humanity bask in the beam of divine knowledge from these two titles. Body is led to that strata of nature with all human beings during night. Yoga is to seek its vestige in day spirits, perforce in self-help. Man is thus over earthly life amidst hemispheres of kali yuga and Kritha yuga where marvels of nature are respectively disclosed and deciphered. It is cosmic intelligence vs. living presence in Ether grid. The oracle heard in yoga in my Sadhana consists in getting deep into Vacant Look to forgo the physical presence on earth where the solar beams of cosmic conscience so far in its deadlock with speech isolate and cross into it as oracle. It is the Voice of Silence and embryo of sound as the creatrix of the universe. This wonder book is an outobiography of my soul in its transit over the inroads of physical presence vs. cosmic intelligence in Brahma Nishta surpassing the spirits of any Upanishads and Bhagawad Gita which do not go beyond a survey with the cosmic map over the basic laws of nature. Amarkavi will be amply rewarded if humanity wakes up to the teory, atleast propounded in this great divine title.

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Book Author Amarakavi Ramachandra
Number of pages 862
Publisher Hayagreeva Publication
Publishing year 2014
Binding Softcover
ISBN -13 9789380404103

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