A Guide to Su Jok Therapy

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A Guide to Su Jok Therapy
Book Author: Park Jae Woo
Edition: 1st ed.
Binding: Softcover
Language: English
ISBN -13: 9785900810591
ISBN -10: 5900810593
Publisher: Hidden

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A guide to Sujok therapy – Sujok Guide by Prof Park Jae Woo.

Sujok (Su - Jok) therapy is related with Su – means hand and Jok – means Foot. This therapy claims the treatment of sickness, illness and diseases by use of hands and feet without using any drugs.  This is based on acupuncture points which are believed to remotely treat any part of your body.   Acupuncture has a direct impact on body’s part. Sujok therapy is discovered and practically implemented by Prof Park Jae Woo and he is a Korean philosopher and scientist.  He concluded all his experiments and guidance in his book “A guide to Sujok Therapy – Prof. Park Jae Wo.  A guide to Sujok Therapy book’s has many health related solution which usually implemented by many doctors, scholars and scientist. This Sujok Guide includes each and every aspect of Su-Jok’s Therapy in very reading friendly manner.

What A Guide to Sujok therapy book Includes:

  • It has a large collection of self-help methods to treat many diseases, only by using hands and feet.
  • It includes the convenient and significant reference for therapists. This is best books for therapists to read.
  • This book includes images and pictures to explain it graphically. So, It is easy to understand.

This is one of the best Guide on Sujok therapy by Park Jae-woo and this is among most preferable books as it is written by the inventor of Su Jok Therapy.

The book dwells on the structure of ordinary correspondence systems of the hands, feet, fingers, toes and their changes and also the method of treatment through their stimulation. Besides, the structural and practical principles of the Homo-system of the physical body are mentioned, that play and important role within the body's self-regulation processes and its integration into one whole. - The book is meant for physicians who specialize in numerous fields of medicine, for medical students, biologists, physiologists, and conjointly for everybody inquisitive about the chances of providing medical aid by easy pharmacological means.

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Subtitle No
Book Author Park Jae Woo
Number of pages No
Edition 1st ed.
Binding Softcover
Language English
ISBN -13 9785900810591
ISBN -10 5900810593
Publisher Hidden
Publishing year No

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